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Last updated: September 25th 2023


Please read these terms and conditions carefully before booking CAREER COACHING services on this Site accessible at the following address: (hereinafter, the "Site").


This Site is the property of CAREER COACHING.


Any person wishing to benefit from the services of CAREER COACHING must be a natural person over the age of 14 and will be referred to hereinafter as the "Client".


By using the Site, the User agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions of Purchase stipulated as a Customer.




COACHING CARRIÈRE offers educational and professional guidance, employability and relocation services. Services directly addressed to companies are also offered by CAREER COACHING

Depending on your needs, you can book a session with CAREER COACHING directly on the website or via the contact form:

CAREER COACHING remains available to make an appointment or to discuss services by phone and text message at 438-391-3091 or by email at the following email address:

CAREER COACHING undertakes to return calls, text messages and emails as soon as possible, with the intention that this will be, at most, within forty-eight (48) hours, i.e. two (2) business days.




The Client's booking of a session with CAREER COACHING represents his/her full and complete acceptance of these terms and conditions of purchase.


2.1 Terms of payment


CAREER COACHING accepts the following forms of payment: cash, cheque, Interac e-transfer, credit card.

Payment is made after the services have been performed by CAREER COACHING. An invoice and receipt will be given to the Client to attest to the payment.  

If payment is not made within the agreed deadlines, an interest charge equal to the legal rate will be calculated and charged on the outstanding net balance. In such situations, at the sole discretion of CAREER COACHING, services may be automatically suspended.

2.2 Price

Prices are displayed in Canadian dollars (CAD).

CAREER COACHING is not responsible for the exchange rate of the Client purchasing its services with a bank using other currencies, and can in no way be held responsible for an amount that would be different when purchasing similar products, at intervals. The exchange rate is beyond the control of CAREER COACHING and the Client is solely responsible for verifying the exchange rates.




You agree to inform CAREER COACHING promptly and in advance, in the event of a change in the schedule, for an appointment or otherwise, which must be cancelled or moved, whether in person, by telephone or by videoconference.

You must notify CAREER COACHING at least forty-eight (48) hours before the scheduled session date.

In the event of modification or cancellation of the session less than forty-eight (48) hours before the scheduled date, COACHING CARRIÈRE reserves the right to apply an administrative fee equivalent to the total fee forfeited for the session.




In the event of circumstances beyond the control of CAREER COACHING, for example, if CAREER COACHING is unable to provide the agreed service (in the event of illness, injury, pandemic, etc.), CAREER COACHING must inform the Client who will have the choice between cancelling his session or, if possible, postponing the CAREER COACHING services under the same financial conditions as those provided.




CAREER COACHING reserves all copyrights and intellectual property rights in the materials, trademarks, names, symbols and images ("rights reserved") used in connection with its services, including any documentation, marketing texts, blogs, multimedia elements included on the Site, in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in this section.


The delivery, sharing or communication of the reserved rights by COACHING CARRIÈRE to the Client through its sessions, does not grant any right, title or interest of any kind whatsoever with respect to the reserved rights, COACHING CARRIÈRE reserving all the Intellectual Property rights related to the reserved rights. Under no circumstances may they be used, copied or disclosed, directly or indirectly, for purposes other than personal and non-profit. Access to the reserved rights, whether free of charge or for a fee, does not in any way grant the User a right to reproduce, distribute or sell them. 


The Client acknowledges that the Information, documents, images, trademarks, products, services and other elements published or used during the sessions are the exclusive property of CAREER COACHING. Any use of the Information, including, but not limited to, the communication of the material to third parties, its reproduction, storage or downloading on any medium whatsoever, is prohibited without the prior written authorization of COACHING CARRIÈRE, except for sole and personal purposes and in the specific case where COACHING CARRIÈRE grants a person a written license to use the Information mentioned above or verbally during the No license to use or other rights, express or implied, is granted to anyone.


Contravention of this section may result in civil or criminal prosecution.




The Website and CAREER COACHING attach great importance to the privacy of its Users.


Any documents, materials and Information ("Information") that you provide to CAREER COACHING or resulting from the performance of the Services, is considered confidential. It is understood that CAREER COACHING shall use the Information only for the purpose of providing the services and may not reproduce the Information except when necessary for the purposes of the mandate or if permitted by law, and shall refrain from disclosing such Information to any third party not concerned without your prior written consent.


Any Information considered confidential will remain your property and must be provided to you upon receipt of a request to this effect or when CAREER COACHING has determined that it no longer needs such information.


For more information, please refer to the Privacy Policy available at the following link: Career Coaching Privacy Policy.

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