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"80% of most people are dissatisfied with their jobs."  

According to Deloitte's Shift Index survey

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"Thank you very much for all your valuable advice."


"Thank you for guiding me in my career change. I am now convinced of my choice. Happy summer and happy holidays."


"Just a quick note to tell you how much I appreciated your assistance during my job search. I have been working now since June 30th. Once again thank you!"




Our mission, at Coaching Career, is to help you express your full potential within a career that suits you and your needs. We are passionate about career management and experience immense satisfaction when we help our clients stand out professionally by aligning their passions with their talents. Our services are aimed at students, schools, workers, and companies.

For newcomers, we offer a "turnkey" relocation service! Contact us to discuss.

Sylvie Taillefer entrain de faire un cv. Sylvie Taillefer making a resume.
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We are guided by our core values


It is essential to keep informed of the latest trends and to update our knowledge in order to advise our clients wisely. The information we transmit must be reliable. In addition, with us, each client receives a personalized, step-by-step approach.


Every person matters to us! We celebrate each of our clients' successes. We do this job first and foremost because we love helping people. 



Advising people comes with some responsibility. You trust us to guide you and we take this privilege to heart by providing you with the highest quality standards.

Do you have insurance?

We issue receipts for insurance purposes that you can submit following your meetings. Find out, several insurance companies reimburse the cost of consultation with a guidance counsellor.



Virtual Service

Same service in the comfort of your home

We offer virtual or in-person consulting services depending on your preference.

Sylvie Taillefer Conseillère d'orientation
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